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What is Pyrolitical?

Who are we?
And what do we stand for?

What We Have Done

Radio Show Broadcasts

We have had our own Broadcast Radio show, frequently guest host The Kate Dalley Radio Show, and currently host a weekly Internet Radio program.

Youtube Videos

We create and publish youtube videos covering concepts of politics and proper government, as well as live commentary on local and national US government.

Liberty Events

We frequently speak at public events to share principles of Liberty and educate individuals about the proper role of government

Political Activisim

We have lead political protests against pieces of legislation, advocate political options, and advocate political involvement of individuals.

I have found [Pyrolitical] to share honest opinions, raise thought-provoking issues, and have seen them argue issues on both sides in defense of the constitution.  This is so refreshing in the world today.

May D.

Thomas Dyches and Randall Hinton have a love for strict adherence to the Constitution. States rights, history, education – their take is always intriguing. The Pyros also put their money where their mouth is… Thomas and Randall are intelligent, they get it, and a great presence on the radio. I love that.

Kate Dalley

Host, The Kate Dalley Radio Show

You guys are fierce! I love your posts. Thank you both. Absolutely phenomenal God-loving, patriotic content!!

Kara R.

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